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Product and company builder with a passion for excellent engineering, simracer, F1 fanatic, founder of Garage 61.

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Ruben Vermeersch . @ruben,

Change of pace from development today: setting up a Patreon.

Not a big believer in the donation model for funding software, but we'll see how it goes.

Idea was always to keep Garage 61 fully free until it's sufficiently feature-rich, but a) it costs a ton and b) people have been asking for this.

Not taking anything away, it's a voluntary "support the project" thing.

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Ruben Vermeersch . @ruben,

Spent the day at the #PWMExpo. After these COVID years it's quite refreshing to get back out there meeting face to face!

Saw some *very* interesting things and as always, these trade shows are a nice illustration of how there's succesful companies for each and every tiny niche imaginable.


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